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Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer in this size range are used to step down three-phase medium voltage to low

voltage for power distribution. These Dry Type Transformer are used primarily in metropolitan areas

(public buildings, offices, distribution substations) and are also found in industrial applications

Dry type transformers are an ideal solution for applications where the transformers have to be

installed near their place of use. Close installation saves on the installation outlay of cabling while

at the same time reducing losses in cables and terminals on the low-voltage side.

Dry type transformers are environmentally safe and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

They provide excellent mechanical and short circuit strength, have no liquids to leak, and offer no

danger of fire or explosion.

Dry-type transformers require minimum maintenance and provide long years of trouble-free service.

Fire proof vaults and toxic gas venting systems are not required. With high impulse strength

insulation systems, they will coordinate with all electrical system designs. Conservatively designed,

the sound level is very low, making the Spang transformer desirable for indoor applications in

commercial buildings.